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Table 3 Utility estimates for all of the included clinical outcomes

From: A patient-centered composite endpoint weighting technique for orthopaedic trauma research

OutcomeMean UtilityLower 95%Upper 95%
Death−8.91− 9.23− 8.65
Amputation [above knee]−7.66−7.83−7.48
Amputation [below knee]−6.97− 7.14−6.85
Severe pain−5.90−6.00− 5.80
Deep surgical site infection− 5.69− 5.81− 5.60
Bone healing complication− 5.20− 5.31− 5.09
Moderate pain−4.59− 4.69−4.57
Mild pain−3.30−3.46−3.13
Superficial surgical site infection−3.29− 3.39− 3.16
Perfect health0.00−0.370.44
Model Statistics   
 Total iterations10,000  
 Burn-in iterations5000  
 Number of respondents396