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Table 1 The 50 highest-cited articles in the field of pediatrics, their first author, journal, citation density, number of citations and study design

From: Research methodology used in the 50 most cited articles in the field of pediatrics: types of studies that become citation classics

RankFirst authorJournalJournal Impact FactorCitation density Number of citationsStudy design
1Ogden CL. 2012 [17]JAMA44.405432.82164cross-sectional
2Ogden CL. 2010 [18]JAMA44.405264.11849cross-sectional
3Goodman R. 1997 [19]Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines6.226220.24403cross-sectional
4Kaufman J. 1997 [20]Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry6.442216.94338case control study
5Black RE. 2008 [21]Lancet47.831215.91943literature review
6Polanczyk G. 2007 [22]American Journal of Psychiatry14.176195.31953systematic review
7Barlow SE. 2007 [23]Pediatrics5.705190.11901expert opinion and literature review
8De Onis M. 2007 [24]Bulletin of the World Health Organization4.939184.91849cross-sectional
9Asher MI. 1995 [25]Lancet47.831184.72032cross-sectional
10Felitti VJ. 1998 [26]American Journal of Preventive Medicine4.212165.93152cross-sectional
11Spear LP. 2000 [27]Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews8.299161.92752literature review
12Strong WB. 2005 [28]Journal of Pediatrics3.874155.91871systematic review
13Giedd JN. 1999 [29]Nature Neuroscience17.830145.62621cross-sectional
14Palisano R. 1997 [30]Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology3.116138.32765cross-sectional and literature review
15Filmer D. 2001 [31]Demography2.802134.82157cross-sectional
16Hoffman JIE. 2002 [32]Journal of the American College of Cardiology19.896134.52018expert opinion and literature review
17Sallis JF. 2000 [33]Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise4.141125.92140literature review
18Costello EJ. 2003 [34]Archives of General Psychiatry14.48 (2014)124.51743longitudinal cohort study
19Masten AS. 2001 [35]American Psychologist6.681121.81948expert opinion and literature review
20Beasley R. 1998 [36]Lancet47.831119.52271cross-sectional
21Resnick MD. 1997 [37]JAMA44.405115.32305cross-sectional
22Connor EM. 1994 [38]New England Journal of Medicine72.406115.12648randomized controlled trial
23Varni JW. 2001 [39]Medical Care2.897113.11809cross-sectional
24Martinez FD. 1995 [40]New England Journal of Medicine72.406111.42451expert opinion and literature review
25Shaffer D. 2000 [41]Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry6.442111.41894prospective cohort study
26Brenner DJ. 2000 [42]American Journal of Roentgenology2.778102.91749expert opinion and literature review
27Montague CT. 1997 [43]Nature40.13796.81935case report (two cases)
28Saffran JR. 1996 [44]Science.37.20596.22012cross-sectional
29Crick NR. 1995 [45]Psychological Bulletin16.79396.02207literature review
30Jensen PS. 1999 [46]Archives of General Psychiatry14.48 (2014)95.71722randomized controlled trial
31Baroncohen S. 1985 [47]Cognition3.41491.92941case control study
32Asher MI. 1995 [48]European Respiratory Journal10.56991.12941study protocol
33Ames C. 1992 [49]Journal of Educational Psychology3.45989.62240expert opinion (descriptive, qualitative)
34Holmbeck GN. 1997 [50]Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.4.59386.11722expert opinion and literature review
35Papile LA. 1978 [51]Journal of Pediatrics3.87484.03277cross-sectional
36Czeizel AE. 1992 [52]New England Journal of Medicine72.40682.92073randomized controlled trial
37Crick NR. 1995 [53]Child Development4.19582.31811cross-sectional
38Miller NJ. 1993 [54]Clinical Science4.93680.11923cross-sectional
39Wald N. 1991 [55]Lancet47.83177.82023randomized controlled trial
40Wimmer H. 1983 [56]Cognition3.41472.62470cross-sectional
41Barker DJP. 1989 [57]Lancet47.83165.01819retrospective cohort study
42Harter S. 1982 [58]Child Development4.19559.02065cross-sectional
43Mulliken JB. 1982 [59]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery3.84354.61910cross-sectional
44Shaffer D. 1983 [60]Archives of General Psychiatry14.48 (za 2014)53.51818cross-sectional
45Dubowitz LM. 1970 [61]Journal of Pediatrics3.87448.02255cross-sectional
46Jones KL. 1973 [62]Lancet47.83142.01849case report (two cases)
47Schwartz GJ. 1976 [63]Pediatrics5.70541.71708cross-sectional
48Liggins GC. 1972 [64]Pediatrics5.70541.21852randomized controlled trial
49Tanner JM. 1966 [65]Archives of Disease in Childhood.3.26533.61714longitudinal cohort study
50Tanner JM. 1966 [66]Archives of Disease in Childhood.3.26533.21691longitudinal cohort study