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Table 2 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Hidden analyses: a review of reporting practice and recommendations for more transparent reporting of initial data analyses

StudyJournalLocationYears of participant selectionaStudy sizeaData sourcea
Inohara et al. [8]JAMAUSA2013–2016141,311Stroke registry
Purnell et al. [9]JAMAUSA1995–2014453,162Transplant registry
Reges et al. [10]JAMAIsrael2005–201533,540Multiple hospitals
Snyder et al. [11]JAMAUSA2006–20078529Cancer registry
Yu et al. [12]JAMAChina2004–2008271,217Nationwide Biobank
Biccard et al. [13]Lancet25 African countries201611,422Multiple hospitals
Wood et al. [14]Lancet19 high income countries1964–2010599,912Multiple CVD registries and a biobank
Dziadzko et al. [15]LancetUSA2000–20101294Single hospital and a medical registry of area residents
Zylbersztejn et al. [16]LancetUK, Sweden2003–20134,946,246Hospital episode registries, birth and death registries
Gilbert et al. [17]LancetUK2013–201522,139Hospital episode registry; death registry
Alexander et al. [18]CirculationAustralia1987–199680Childhood cardio-myopathy registry
Nazerian et al. [19]CirculationBrazil, Germany, Italy, Switzerland2014–20161850Multiple hospitals
Pollack et al. [20]CirculationUSA, Canada2011–20152500Resuscitation outcomes registry
Puelacher et al. [21]CirculationSwitzerland2014–20152018Single hospital
Chao et al. [22]CirculationTaiwan1996–201532,160Health Insurance database
Chow et al. [23]JCOUSA1962–200113,060Multiple hospitals
Kenzik et al. [24]JCOUSA2000–201172,408Cancer registry and Health insurance database
Degnim et al. [25]JCOUSA1967–2001669Single hospital
Gundle et al. [26]JCOUSA1989–20142217Single hospital
Clarke et al. [27]JCOUSA2003–2015944,227Multiple hospitals
Hoen et al. [28]NEJMFrench territories in the Americas2016555ZIKV pregnancy population cohort
Amarenco et al. [29]NEJMEurope, Asia, Latin America2009–20113356Stroke registry
Calderon et al. [30]NEJMIsrael1980–20141,522,731Renal registry and population cohort
Kyle et al. [31]NEJMUSA1960–19941384Single hospital
Mead et al. [32]NEJMUSA2016–2017184ZIKV male population cohort
  1. aOnly the development sample size (i.e not the validation sample size) was included here or the population of main interest for the analysis (i.e. not matched populations)