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Table 2 Multivariate regression analysis of the comparison between those were lost to follow-up and those who participated in both waves

From: Non-participation and attrition in a longitudinal study of civilians exposed to the January 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France

Age at time of the attack< 0.001
  ≥ 510.14[0.05–0.40]
Living alone0.019
French Origin0.009
 French originRef.
 Non-French origin5.83[1.51–22.52]
Event location0.033
 Suburban town2.19[1.06–4.53]
Sheehan Work score0.012
  < 4Ref.
  ≥ 40.41[0.21–0.83]
  1. IMPACTS survey, France, 2015.
  2. OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, Ref Reference. P-value was the two-sided statistical significance level of the logistic regression.