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Table 3 Comparison of participants who participated in both waves with new participants in Wave 2

From: Non-participation and attrition in a longitudinal study of civilians exposed to the January 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France

 Total wave 2
N = 141
New participants
N = 18
Wave 1 & 2 N = 123p-value*
 Female Gender8258.2844.47561.00.183
 Age at time of the attack:
mean, sd42.912.939.112.043.512.90.205
 Educational Level < high-school diploma4129.3844.43327.00.130
 Unemployed at Wave 23726.2527.83226.00.999
 Living alone at Wave 24632.6738.93931.70.594
 Non-French origin85.7316.754.10.065
Terror exposure
 Event location outside of Paris (vs Paris)3927.7844.43125.20.088
 Geographic exposure:
Less than 10 m2014.2633.31411.4NA
Very close, next room4632.6527.84133.3
Neighbouring building6244.0738.95544.7
 Objective exposure:
Directly threatened4431.2844.43629.3NA
Indirectly threatened6042.6527.85544.7
Close relative of victims117.800118.9
 Perceived terror exposure (mean 0–10)
Sheehan disability scale in Wave 2
 Work (impact ≥4)6948.9738.96250.40.452
 Social life (impact ≥4)6747.5844.45948.00.806
 Family life, home responsibilities (impact ≥4)5337.6633.34738.20.798
Medical/psychological support
 No regular psychological support or follow-up since the event6042.61372.24738.20.010
 Dissatisfaction with psychological support from professionals since the events5640.0847.14839.00.526
Social support
 Feeling alone in 20152819.9844.42016.30.005
 Feeling alone in 20163424.1738.92722.00.117
 No perceived moral/emotional support in 201553.5422.210.80.001
 No perceived moral/emotional support in 201664.3211.143.30.169
 No perceived financial/material support in 20153021.3422.22621.10.999
 No perceived financial/material support in 20162819.9422.22419.50.757
 No perceived support in everyday life 20151812.8422.21411.40.249
 No perceived support in everyday life 20161712.1316.71411.40.457
Physical and psychological health
 Deterioration of general health state2719.1316.72419.50.999
 Deterioration of psychological health state2819.9211.12621.10.527
 Having at least one health problem13595.71794.411895.90.627
Mental health at Wave 2
 PTSD (previous month)2115.0317.61814.60.721
 Major depressive disorder (last two weeks)128.6211.8108.10.641
 Suicide risk (previous month)5740.7423.55343.10.187
 Anxiety disorders (at least one)5438.6741.24738.20.814
 Moderately/markedly/severely ill (CGI)4231.8333.33931.70.839
Involvement in November 2015 attacks
 Directly threatened or witness96.40097.3NA
 Close relative of victims1611.3211.11411.40.999
  1. IMPACTS survey, France, 2015–2016
  2. N Number, m Mean, sd Standard deviation, NA Non available. P-value was the two-sided statistical significance level of the chi-square test for categorical variables and Mann-Whitney test for continuous variables. P-values in bold were lesser than 0.05)