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Table 6 Multivariable logistic-regression model predicting willingness to participate

From: Factors associated with patient willingness to participate in anaesthesia clinical trials: a vignette-based cross-sectional study

 Willingness to participate in a clinical trial
Beta coefficient
Confidence interval
P value
Intercept (alpha)30.213.3 to 47.10.001
I am afraid of adverse events related to the drug tested (yes/ no)−11.7−16.9 to −6.5< 0.001
I could help other patients. (yes/ no)9.63.4 to 15.70.002
I would not consider double-blinding a reason to decline participation. (yes/ no)5.71.3 to 10.20.012
I would be anxious about surgery.−5.2−10.0 to −0.50.031
I could contribute to medical progress. (yes/ no)9.52.1 to 17.00.012
I could receive a more effective treatment. (yes/ no)4.70.2 to 9.20.041