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Table 1 Characteristics of participating institutions

From: Current methods for development of rapid reviews about diagnostic tests: an international survey

CountryN (%)
Africa1 (4)
America9 (36)
Asia3 (12)
Europe11 (44)
Oceania1 (4)
Number of RRs of diagnostic tests developed
 Less than 10 RR10 (40)
 10 to 30 RR9 (36)
 More than 30 RR6 (24)
Availability of RR methodological guidance (i.e. handbook)
 Yes9 (36)
Structure of RRs team
 High level of training22 (88)
 Involvement of more than two reviewers or more than one team10 (40)
 Stakeholder involvement in several activities10 (40)
General methods of RRs
 Development of a protocol16 (64)
 Use of a reporting template12 (48)
 Peer-review process24 (96)
 Public consultation of the draft review4 (33)
 Publication of the final review11 (44)