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Table 3 Summary of references to TIME trial identified using (searched 10 September 2018)

From: A mixed methods case study investigating how randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are reported, understood and interpreted in practice

BlogOne part of a journal review on a British Medical Journal blog page, summarising problems with TIME trial in one sentence.1
Policy documentNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence National Guideline 83 on assessment and management of oesophago-gastric cancer. National policy document including evidence synthesis of trial results with no specific discussion of TIME trial.1
TweetsNo discussion of TIME trial. 11 retweets from The Lancet, several others based on same tweet.24
Facebook pages1 US cardiothoracic and vascular surgery group and 1 Argentinian medical practice post providing link to trial without comment.2
Research highlight platform3 members of F1000Prime recommended this trial.1