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Table 6 Notes on domains relevant to the implementation of MIO based upon the CICI checklist

From: A mixed methods case study investigating how randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are reported, understood and interpreted in practice

SettingReport describes types of hospital, total number of centres and countries participating in the study.
GeographicalParticipating countries identified, but no discussion of access to healthcare system in each.
EpidemiologicalNo discussion of incidence and prevalence of the condition, usual morbidity and mortality rates.
Socio-economicNo discussion of burden of disease or access to the healthcare system.
Socio-culturalUncertain relevance of this domain for this study, intervention and the intended audience for the trial.
PoliticalNo discussion of the type of healthcare system, its resources and access.
LegalNo discussion of guidelines outlining the existing role of the intervention.
EthicalStatement declaring no conflict of interests included.
ProviderDetails of the skills, experience and training of participating surgeons was included. No discussion of attitudes towards the intervention or motivation for participating in the trial.
Organisation and structureNo discussion of the size, structure and culture of the participating organisations. However, as a multicentre study, natural variation in these variables will have occurred, improving external validity.
FinanceFunding for the trial was acknowledged. However, there was no discussion of financial incentives, costs or future funding for adoption of the intervention.
PolicyNo discussion of the role of evidence-based medicine in determining policy.