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Table 1 The number of subjects, inclusion and exclusion criteria and the baseline characteristics of the included subjects

From: Frequently repeated measurements -our experience of collecting data with SMS

Study NInclusion criteriaExclusion criteriaFemale %Age, meanEducation/Work %Health, 5 points %Health EQ-5D meanPain NRS/VAS mean
MC Chiro 321Non-specific LBPSpecific LBP56.443Heavy 10.9Excellent 5.70.69255.27 (n = 300)
Working ageStanding 31.8
Fluent in SwedishVery Good 38.8
Sitting 46.1
Good 42.8
Somewhat 14.7
Poor 3.7
SCIP Falls 224Traumatic SCIComplete injuries above C5-level,22.949< 9 years 31.5 0.41360.77
> 18 years oldHigh school 30,6
Fluent in Swedish /NorwegianInjuries below L5 level,
Injuries classified as AIS EaUniversity 37,9
Work-Up 352Early back and neck painIdentified abuse, retirement pension, ongoing acute medical treatment, pregnancy65.344< 9 years 8.5Excellent 7.10.50465.20 (n = 332)
18–67 yearsHigh school 50.0
Last year: working ≥4 weeks, short sick leave ≤60 days, Linton short version ≥40 pUniversity 21.9Very Good 44.6
Other 19.3
Good 36.9
Somewhat 10.2
Poor 0.6
PARA 220RAAlready obtain physical activity levels aimed at in the study81.459< 9 years 18.2 EQ-5D thermometer 30.582.9
18–75 years oldHigh school 20.9
Independent in daily living
Fluent in SwedishUniversity 50.5
Other 10.5
SPA 106Working age 70.546High school 14.4Very Good 25.7  
Employed in primary careUniversity 66.7
Good 36.2
Somewhat 16.2
Poor 2.9
  1. EQ-5D Euro Qol 5 dimensions, LBP Low back pain, SCI Spinal Cord Injury, AIS Ea refers to normal sensibility and motor function, RA Rheumatoid Arthritis