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Table 5 Key Informant Descriptors

From: Application of the critical incident technique in refining a realist initial programme theory

KI codeMale/FemaleRoleHealthcare experience in years
KI1FHealthcare Records Document Manager18
KI2FSenior Social Worker Practitioner12
KI3MGeneral Services Manager2
KI4FClinical Nurse Manager 212
KI5MEmergency Department Senior Registrar5
KI7FAdministrator and Project lead20
KI8FOperations Manager25
KI9FPhysio Operations Manager14
KI10MConsultant & Clinical Director24
KI11FOperations Manager10
KI12FDietitian Manager20
KI13FDeputy Manager35
KI14MPhysiotherapy Manager21
KI15FStaff Nurse14
KI16FClinical Nurse Specialist, Practice Tutor14
KI17MED Consultant26