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Table 7 Overview of Consultation sessions

From: Application of the critical incident technique in refining a realist initial programme theory

Sub-group of Co-lead research team
(Supervisors- Co-authors)
August 20th- met with Sub-group of the research team i.e., co-authors to discuss Phase 1 analysis
2nd AuthorAugust 24th- Consulted with ADB on Phase 1 of coding –agreed nodes in NViVo for analysis: Descriptors, Inductive, Deductive
Realist Research Support GroupSept 12th - Confirmed procedure for data analysis with Realist Support Group
2nd AuthorDiscussed and reached consensus on coding and data extrapolation template.
Sub-group of Co-lead research team
(Supervisors- Co-authors)
Oct 22nd Presented data analysis to date… confirmed methodology going according to plan. Challenged some of conclusions. Suggested further exploration where there was ambiguity over context and mechanisms.
Realist Support GroupNov 6th
Presented framework for methodology paper on building IPT and preliminary analysis of data.