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Table 3 Comparison of three designs for (p0, p1, α, β) = (0.05, 0.2, 0.1, 0.1) based on practical example

From: Optimal, minimax and admissible two-stage design for phase II oncology clinical trials

Simon’s design1200.54037323.5Optimal[0.000, 0.091]
1300.51335323.7Admissible[0.091, 0.333]
1500.46333324.7Admissible[0.333, 0.630]
1800.39732326.4Minimax[0.630, 1.000]
Fleming’s design12030.56037423.0Optimal[0.000, 0.091]
13030.53835423.2Admissible[0.091, 0.268]
16030.48332424.3Admissible[0.268, 0.444]
18030.45531425.1Minimax[0.444, 1.000]
  1. n1 and n is the sample size required in the first stage and in the whole trial, respectively. (a1, r1, r) are the critical values. PET1 denotes the probability of early termination in the first stage. EN represents expected sample size