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Table 1 The visit process model for the cSLE study

From: Summarizing the extent of visit irregularity in longitudinal data

CharacteristicTime-VaryingHazard Ratio95% Hazard Ratio Confidence LimitsP-Value
Disease ActivityYes1.021.011.02<  0.0001
Prednisone (mg)Yes1.021.011.02<  0.0001
Composite Score for Significant Immuno-SuppressionYes1.
 Asian Vs. Caucasian1.101.051.15<  0.0001
 Black Vs. Caucasian1.201.131.26<  0.0001
 Other Vs. Caucasian1.
Age at Diagnosis (Years)No1.021.011.03<  0.0001
Major Organ Involvement Version 1No1.