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Table 4 Logistic regression for response by reminder and deprivation (Model 2- interaction)

From: Increasing questionnaire response: evidence from a nested RCT within a longitudinal birth cohort study

VariableOdds RatioStandard Errorp-value95% CI
Resent telephone (ref)1.00---
Resent questionnaire5.770.8330.0351.13-29.55
Resent postcard5.490.8910.0560.96-31.52
Deprivation score1.010.0210.5620.97-1.05
Resent telephone * deprivation score
 Resent questionnaire * deprivation score0.960.0270.1370.91-1.01
 Resent postcard * deprivation score0.940.0330.0510.88-1.00
  1. Model x2 (5) = 13.701 p = 0.026 Nagelkerke R2= 0.072 = 7.2% variance explained