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Table 2 Retrieval and Non-retrieval of references across databases and reasons for non-retrieval

From: Searching for Programme theories for a realist evaluation: a case study comparing an academic database search and a simple Google search

  Google Academic databases
Study reference Retrieval in Google (non-retrieval reason) Retrieval in MEDLINE non-retrieval reason) Retrieval in EMBASE
(non-retrieval reason)
Retrieval in CINAHL (non-retrieval reason) Retrieval in Cochrane (non-retrieval reason)
Bell 2005 X X 3 X
Chapman 2014 X X X X
Guy 2012 2,3 2, 3 3 X
Green 2017 X X X X
Fletcher 2017 X 2, 3 3 X
Torra i Bou 2006 X X X X
Moore 2014 2 X
Johansen 2014 1 X
Kottner 2010 1 4 4 X X
  1. X: the reference was not stored (or indexed) in the database at time of search
  2. Reasons for non-retrieval when database did contain the reference
  3. 1: not within first 5 pages of Google search
  4. 2: No age limit indexing
  5. 3: No terms from theory and publication types search concept
  6. 4: In PubMed but not Ovid Medline 1946-present