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Table 3 Stealing ideas

From: Protocol registration issues of systematic review and meta-analysis studies: a survey of global researchers

  Number (%)
Should the database (PROSPERO) hide all information and only publish when authors request before submission? Or they just publish the title to avoid duplication?, n = 234
 ➣ Hide all information and publish when the authors request before submission 54 (23.1)
 ➣ Only publish the title to avoid duplication 129 (55.1)
 ➣ Other 51 (22)
Ever experienced a situation in which another group, who did not register their SR/MA protocol, publish before you have a paper based on a protocol identical to yours?, n = 246 16 (6.5)
If another group publishes a paper that is identical to your registered protocol before your team gets the publication and you find out their protocol registered after your protocol. What would be your next step?, n = 190
 ➣ Identify the similarity and difference between your review and published ones and keep working on your own review 112 (59.3)
 ➣ Contact with both authors and editors as they possibly used your ideas 60 (31.2)
 ➣ Other 18 (9.5)
Ever heard of stealing ideas of registered protocol?, n = 256 55 (21.5)
Ever considered that the idea in your protocol could be stolen?, n = 253 121 (47.8)
Have others ever stolen your ideas from a protocol you registered?, n = 243
 ➣ Yes 13 (5.3)
 ➣ No 130 (53.5)
 ➣ Donot know 100 (41.2)
Do you think that people are using the open register to steel other’s idea?, n = 230
 ➣ Yes 86 (37.4)