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Table 3 Comparison of Data SourcesaConsidered for this Project

From: Identifying the fundamental structures and processes of care contributing to emergency general surgery quality using a mixed-methods Donabedian approach

Chart Review (vs. administrative data) No No No No No Yes No
Patient Tracking (vs. admission-level data) No No Yes No Yes No No
100% Capture (vs. representative sampling) No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Late Outcomes (vs. index admission only) No No Yesb No Yesb Yesc No
Late Mortality (vs. early or index mortality) No No Yes No Yes No No
Specific Risk Stratification (vs. generic) No No No No No Yes Yes
Nationally Representative Sample (vs. biased) Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Allows Study of Transferred Patients No No No No No Yes Yes
  1. a NIS: Nationwide Inpatient Sample; MEDPAR: Medicare Provider Analysis and Review; NEDS Nationwide Emergency Room Sample, APCD All-Payer Claims Data, SID State Inpatient Databases, NSQIP National Surgical Quality Improvement Project, UHC University HealthSystems Consortium
  2. b longitudinal outcomes beyond 30 days
  3. c 30-day outcomes