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Table 1 Categorization of the Psychiatric Diagnoses

From: Modeling socio-demographic and clinical factors influencing psychiatric inpatient service use: a comparison of models for zero-Inflated and overdispersed count data

Categories Psychiatric Diagnoses
Schizophrenia Simple/acute type of schizophrenia, Paranoid states
(ICD code: 295, 297, 298)  
Anxiety Phobic states, Neurotic depressive states,
(ICD code: 300,308, 309) Obsessive-compulsive disorders
Behavioral disorder Autism, psychoses with origin specific to childhood,
(ICD code: 299, 312-315) Disturbance of emotions specific to childhood and adolescence.
Mood disorder Manic-depressive psychosis, Any kind of depressive disorder
(ICD code: 296, 311)  
Substance use Alcoholic/drug psychosis, Paranoid or hallucinatory states induced by drugs,
(ICD code: 291, 292, 303) Dependent/Non-dependent tobacco/cocaine use disorder.
Others Dementia, Acute confusional state, Non-alcoholic psychosis,
(ICD code: 290, 293, 294) Gender deviations disorders, Predominant disturbance of emotions,
  Cyclical vomiting/sleep disorder/hair plucking.