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Table 1 Study cohort. For search strategies, please refer to Additional file 1

From: Impact of investigator initiated trials and industry sponsored trials on medical practice (IMPACT): rationale and study design

  Sub-cohort Source Number of trials
IITs Public Germany   120
Public Germany gov DFG/GEPRIS (n = 27), BMBF website (n = 33) 60
Public Germany other DRKS (n = 47), (n = 13) 60
Public International 200
ISTs Commercial Germanya DRKS (n = 42), (n = 158) 171
Commercial International 200
  1. a Due to an insufficient number of non-drug ISTs in the registries searched, we could only include 171 trials in the sub-cohort Commercial Germany (please refer to section “Balancing process” and Table 3)