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Table 6 Scoping literature review inclusion/exclusion criteria

From: Advancing methodology for scoping reviews: recommendations arising from a scoping literature review (SLR) to inform transformation of Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services

1 Not written in English.
2 Published before January 1990.
3 Not empirical, not evidence based, not reviews of other studies or not a policy document/guideline (exclude commentaries, letters, book reviews).
4 Not directly or indirectly focused on mental health service users age 0–25 years (i.e. studies with parents/carers of mental health service users, service providers will be included).
5 No focus on mental health or mental disorders. Exclude if symptoms are associated with non-mental health disorder (e.g. behavioural problems associated with ADS)
6 Does not report children, adolescents or young people’s mental health or wellbeing outcomes, if intervention or programme targets adults’ mental health.
7 No focus beyond treatment type. The focus must include service delivery and be relevant to community care (regardless of persons or organization providing services, and severity or duration of mental health condition).
8 Services are not delivered in community settings (e.g. primary care, schools, youth centres).
9 Describes children and adolescents mental health services in developing countries (according to World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014).