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Table 3 A potential checklist of competing interest disclosure

From: Identifying competing interest disclosures in systematic reviews of surgical interventions and devices: a cross-sectional survey

Proposed terms Descriptions
Financial competing interests
 Personal fees/payment Fees paid to person for consulting, lecturer, speakers bureaus, expert testimony, presentations, manuscript preparation, educational support, writing and reviewing assistant
 Employment/salary The professional is/was employed by a company and a periodic payment is/was provided by the company
 Non-monetary support Travel paid, accommodations, meeting expenses, administrative support; food; beverage
 Drug/equipment supplies The provision of surgical or research devices by a company
 Grant Grant from a company, or governmental agency, hospital, university or other institutions
 Patent(s)/copyright The professional holds or shares a patent
 Equity/stocks/bonds Ownership of interest in a company
Non-financial competing interests
 Service in other affiliates Such as scientific advisory board, steering committee membership
 Leadership in a company The professional holds the position of a high ranking corporate officer in a company and has responsibility for its operation
 Intellectual beliefs Authorship of primary studies included or not include in the SR; Participation in a previous guideline panel or editorial
 Faith and fixed beliefs Such as political beliefs, religious beliefs, culture practices and dietary habits
 Personal experience Specialty training; experience with specific population; personal preference
 Personal relationship Social relationship
 Academic competition Driven by some competitive academic or desire for glory