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Table 1 Participant recruitment and retention strategies prior to recruitment day, at baseline, 2-weeks and 6-months

From: Recruitment and retention of participants from socioeconomically deprived communities: lessons from the Awareness and Beliefs About Cancer (ABACus3) Randomised Controlled Trial

Recruitment and retention strategy Before recruitment Baseline 2 Weeks 6 Months
Recruitment materials written in accordance with average national literacy levels and reviewed by the trial’s Patient and Public Involvement group.    
Contacted and opened a range of healthcare (GP surgeries, pharmacies) and community (local community groups, community events, one-to-one community sessions) settings for recruitment.    
Venue visitors were offered time slots for participating in future recruitment day(s).    
Participants were asked about their preferred time of week (weekend/weekday), time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) and method of contact (phone call, text message, e-mail, post) for their follow-ups.  
Participants were encouraged to include a phone call as preferred method of contact.     
Participants were informed that the trial team (based in Wales) would be calling from a number starting with the 029- telephone code.     
Participants were offered a High Street shopping voucher after completing their questionnaire.    
Participants were given an approximate date for their follow-ups.  
Emphasis placed on the lay advisors’ affiliation with Cardiff University.