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Table 3 Expected versus found links based on VEMD departure status or VAED admission type

From: Patient-specific record linkage between emergency department and hospital admission data for a cohort of people who inject drugs: methodological considerations for frequent presenters

  Linked VAED record found  
Using VEMD departure status Yes, n (col%) No, n (col%)  
 Linked admission expecteda 813 (68) 59 (3) 872
 Linked admission not expectedb 377 (32) 2210 (97) 2587
1190 2269 3459
  Linked VEMD record found
Using VAED admission type Yes, n (col%) No, n (col%)  
 Preceding ED visit expectedc 1096 (92) 79 (11) 1174
 Preceding ED visit uncertaind 94 (8) 608 (89) 703
1190 687 1877
  1. VEMD Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset, VAED Victorian Admitted Episode Dataset, ED Emergency Department
  2. aDeparture status: Ward setting at this hospital, Procedure room at this campus, Transfers to another hospital campus
  3. bDeparture status: Return to usual residence, Left before treatment completed, Dead on arrival or died in ED
  4. cAdmission type: Emergency admission through this hospital
  5. dAdmission type: Admission from waiting list, Other admission, Maternity, Statistical admission, Other emergency admission