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Table 1 Study flow listing applied methods with date, findings and respective results

From: Patient involvement to inform the design of a clinical trial in postbariatric hypoglycaemia

Method Date Findings Results
Literature search
 PubMed 09/2019
521 titles/abstracts (last search) no pertinent articles
 Google scholar 09/2019 278 titles/abstracts  
 COMET database 09/2019 0 hits  
Search for patient organizations in CH 09/2019 Swiss Self-help Organization for Bariatric Surgery (
Swiss Obesity Foundation with 23 self-help organizations
no specific groups or spokesperson on web-plattform and forum for PBH
no specific groups or spokesperson for PBH
Potential outcome collection by clinical and research experience 10/2019 13 potential outcome parameters design of a preliminary questionnaire, s. supplements
Patient interviews/feedbacks from patients using a preliminary questionnaire 10/2019 two severely affected patients inconclusive, many items rated as important
Final online questionnaire 10/2019–02/2020   s. Table 2 and Table 3