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Table 2 Additional outcomes

From: Methodology in core outcome set (COS) development: the impact of patient interviews and using a 5-point versus a 9-point Delphi rating scale on core outcome selection in a COS development study

Patient Suggested Additional Outcomes Outcome Name Steering Committee Group Decision Comparison to Other Outcomes
“Alternative therapy - impact and access to - some medications cannot be used...” n/a Not an outcome but included in definition of healthcare utilisation
“Likelihood of planning subsequent pregnancies, due to risk of reoccurrence. ” Likelihood of planning subsequent pregnancies Include New outcome
“Onset of PGP: pregnancy week or postpartum” n/a Not an outcome
“Maternal comorbidities such as Ehlers-Danlos or diabetic. Family related PGP” n/a Not an outcome - risk factor
“In ability to bond with child, relationship damage” Family life Impact Already included Interview-derived outcome
“Information on Lactation for how long, problems, in which positions.” Function Already included Systematic review outcome
“Menstruation when returned after birth and what about PGP in connection with menstruation” Symptoms during menstruation Include New outcome
“Postnatal experiences of PGP” n/a Not an outcome
“Length of time to become pain free again” Full symptom recovery Already included Systematic review outcome
“Mattress - what quality, need of overlay that reduce pressure on the pelvic joints, need of mattress filled with water. Need of cushions like the ROHO or other kind of cushions that relieve pressure on the pelvic girdle when sitting.” Needs for additional supports Include New outcome
“Need for help with taking care of the baby, need of daycare for older siblings” Dependence on others Already included Systematic review outcome
“Need for help with the daily work in the house like making dinner, cleaning, washing clothes and so on” Activity Daily Life Already included Systematic review outcome
“Perseverance in standing” Function Covered Already included Systematic review outcome
“Accessibility of treatment” n/a Not an outcome
“How your own hormones affects the ability to do things, and how it affects the pain. How a hormone spiral optionally may influence on the ability to do things” n/a Not an outcome
“Fitness levels prior to pain onset” Exercise/activity levels Already included Systematic review outcome
“How long the PGP pain has lasted” Pain duration Include New outcome