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Table 1 Overview of feature analysis

From: Software tools to support title and abstract screening for systematic reviews in healthcare: an evaluation

EconomicThe tool does not require financial payment to use.T1-F1HD
Ease of Introduction and SetupThe tool has straightforward system requirementsT2-F1HD
There is an installation guide (where applicable)T2-F2D
There is a tutorial/help sectionT2-F3D
The software does not require user to codeT2-F4HD
There is an app for mobile/tabletT2-F5D
Systematic Review SupportSupports deduplicationT3-F1D
Supports title and abstract screeningT3-F2
Supports full text screeningT3-F3D
Supports data extractionT3-F4N
Supports other stages of the reviewT3-F5N
Process ManagementSupport for multiple usersT4-F1M
Support for multiple projectsT4-F2D
Choice of single or double screen before progressionT4-F3HD
Work AllocationT4-F4HD
Management of rolesT4-F5D
Reference ManagementImport of ReferencesT5-F1
Export of ReferencesT5-F2M
Export of DecisionsT5-F3M
Import of .pdfsT5-F4D
WorkflowThe tool is flexible to varying workflowT6-F1HD
Short User Set-up (before screening can begin)T6-F2D
Progress is monitored and fed back to userT6-F3HD
Screening FeaturesInclude/Exclude OptionT7-F1
Key word highlighting (or similar)T7-F2D
Can filter citations by categoryT7-F3D
Can search citations (i.e. search engine)T7-F4D
Further categorize/label referencesT7-F5HD
Blind screeners to decisions of others.T7-F6HD
Conflict ResolutionsT7-F7HD
Citation classification/ranking tool (clustering/ML)T7-F8N
SecurityInsecure websiteT8-F1HD
  1. Features without a weighting are covered by the inclusion criteria and are found in all the included software tools
  2. aAbbreviations: M Mandatory, HD Highly Desirable, D Desirable, N Nice to Have, I Irrelevant