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Table 2 Description of survey respondents

From: Software tools to support title and abstract screening for systematic reviews in healthcare: an evaluation

CategoriesRespondent characteristicNumber (n = 6)Percentage
Research PositionMedical Student116.7%
PhD Student116.7%
Postdoctoral Researcher350.0%
Medical Librarian116.7%
Systematic Review ExperienceCarried out T&Ab Screening6100%
Managed T&Ab Screening466.7%
Led a Systematic Review466.7%
Number of Systematic Review Projects in the Last Year0 to 2116.7%
3 to 5233.3%
6 to 10233.3%
More than 10116.7%
Current T&Ab Screening SystemReference Manager350.0%
Software Package233.3%
Previous Software experienceUsed software previously6100.0%
Preferences for T&Ab screeningWould prefer to use a software tool6100%
Believe a software tool would be well received by collaborators6100%
  1. Summary of the experiences of the survey respondents with systematic reviews and their attitudes towards software to support T&Ab screening