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Table 3 Characteristics of main outcome domains in all 175 systematic reviews examined

From: Outcome choice and definition in systematic reviews leads to few eligible studies included in meta-analyses: a case study

CharacteristicNumber of systematic reviews (N = 175) n (%)
Main outcome domain
 Visual acuity55 (31)
 Intraocular pressure11 (6)
 Visual field7 (4)
 Visual impairment/vision loss5 (3)
 Success of surgery/procedure5 (3)
 Failure of trabeculectomy4 (2)
 Progression of age-related macular degeneration3 (2)
 Reading speed3 (2)
 Ocular symptoms (unspecified)3 (2)
 Symptoms of dry eye3 (2)
 Vision-related quality of life3 (2)
 Resolution of infection3 (2)
 Active trachoma3 (2)
 Healing of keratitis3 (2)
 Other64 (37)
Type of main outcome domain
 Categorical122 (70)
 Continuous50 (29)
 Other (i.e., time-to-event)2 (1)
 Not reported1 (0)
Goal of main outcome domain
 Efficacy172 (98)
 Safety3 (2)