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Table 1 Characteristics of the participants

From: Validation of the French version of the Vulnerable Elders Survey-13 (VES-13)

(N = 135)
Age (years, mean +/− SD and range)81.2 +/− 6.870–100
Female gender (n and %)9066.7%
Need human help for ADL (n and %)3123.1%
Subjects recruited from:
 prevention center (n and %)4533.3%
 geriatric outpatient clinic (n and %)4029.6%
 geriatric rehabilitation hospital unit (n and %)5037.1%
MMSE score (0–30, mean +/− SD and range)26.7 +/− 2.820–30
EVA-13 total score (mean +/SD and range)4.13 +/− 3.660–10
EVA-13 total score (median and interquartile range)31–8
Non-vulnerable, i.e. EVA-13 score < 3 (n and %)6246.0%
Vulnerable, i.e. EVA-13 score > 3 (n and %)7354.0%
  1. ADL activities of daily living, MMSE Mini mental status examination, EVA-13 Echelle de vulnérabilité des ainés