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Table 1 PubMed search terms

From: A scoping review of studies using observational data to optimise dynamic treatment regimens

Search Term Number Search Term
1 dynamic treatment*[tiab]
2 adaptive treatment*[tiab]
3 dynamic intervention*[tiab]
4 adaptive intervention*[tiab]
5 treatment policy [tiab] OR treatment policies [tiab]
6 adapt*[tiab] OR dynamic*[tiab] OR regime*[tiab]
7 register [tiab] OR registry [tiab] OR registries [tiab] OR observational [tiab] OR cohort [tiab] OR non-experimental*[tiab] OR real-world [tiab] OR database [tiab] OR electronic health record*[tiab] OR electronic medical record*[tiab] OR non-randomised [tiab] OR panel [tiab] OR cross-sectional [tiab] OR longitudinal [tiab] OR case series [tiab])
8 (1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR (5 AND 6)) AND 7
  1. Note: [tiab] indicates that the search was within article titles and abstracts only