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Table 1 Conditions listed as cautions to the use of oral corticosteroids in the British National Formulary and the number (proportion) of incident cases of bullous pemphigoid with a record for each caution within specified timelines. Presented alongside the recruitment status associated with having that condition when considering a clinical trial involving 0.5 mg/kg oral prednisolone

From: Using electronic health records to inform trial feasibility in a rare autoimmune blistering skin disease in England

Caution Timeline* N (%) of cases Recruitment status**
Total incident cases   237  
Diabetes mellitus Any time before 55 (23.2%) Recruit with caution
Diverticulitis In 1 year before 0 Possible
Epilepsy Any time before 12 (5.1%) Possible
Glaucoma Any time before 16 (6.8%) Recruit with caution
Heart failure Any time before 43 (18.1%) Recruit with caution
Hypertension Any time before 159 (67.1%) Possible
Hypothyroidism Any time before 30 (12.7%) Possible
Intestinal anastomosis In 6 months before 1 (0.4%) Unlikely
Malignancy (excluding BCC) In 5 years before 23 (9.7%) Possible
Myasthenia gravis Any time before 1 (0.4%) Possible
Myocardial infarction In 6 months before 3 (1.3%) Recruit with caution
Myopathy Any time before 1 (0.4%) Recruit with caution
Ocular herpes simplex Any time before 1 (0.4%) Unlikely
Osteoporosis Any time before 38 (16.0%) Recruit with caution
Peptic ulcer In 1 year before 2 (0.8%) Recruit with caution
Septicaemia/sepsis In 3 months before 3 (1.3%) Unlikely
Severe mental illness In 10 years before 1 (0.4%) Recruit with caution
Systemic sclerosis Any time before 0 Possible
Venous thromboembolic disorders Any time before 19 (8.0%) Possible
Tuberculosis Any time before 3 (1.3%) Unlikely
Ulcerative colitis In 5 years before 2 (0.8%) Possible
Varicella zoster vaccine In 3 months before 4 (1.7%) Recruit with caution
  1. * Timeline relative to bullous pemphigoid index date
  2. ** Recruitment status was determined by the category chosen by > 50% of the consultant dermatologists in the online survey: Possible (> 50% classed the caution unlikely to lead to exclusion), recruit with caution (> 50% classed the caution very or somewhat likely to lead to exclusion, note that < 50% considered it very likely), or unlikely (> 50% classed the caution as very likely to lead to exclusion)