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Table 1 Framework for rapid, participatory, remote consensus-building for process improvement specification

From: How to specify healthcare process improvements collaboratively using rapid, remote consensus-building: a framework and a case study of its application

1) Define scope and objective of the process improvement Identify and characterise the problem to be solved
Assess the extent to which consensus-building is an appropriate method for the problem to be solved
Define objective for the project
Define target audiences for output of the project
2) Produce draft or prototype of the proposed process improvement specification To inform the draft/prototype, use rapid literature reviews, existing guidelines, ideas sourced from specialist groups, or stakeholder surveys, interviews and focus groups
Create a resource reflecting the draft or prototype with the proposed process improvement specification (e.g. video-based simulated scenario, standard operating procedure, piece of equipment)
3) Identify participant recruitment strategy Identify and select stakeholder groups using principles of relevance, inclusion and diversity
Define strategies for ethics, recruitment, sampling and sample size
4) Design and conduct a remote consensus-building exercise Ethics
Data collection and analysis
5) Produce a final specification of the process improvements in light of learning from the exercise Create resources that reflect the specified process improvements informed by the draft/prototype and the consensus-building exercise
Disseminate the resources