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Table 1 A categorisation of papers that shared information according to the ‘core’ relationship that they used and the PICOS dimension that direct and indirect evidence differ in

From: Classifying information-sharing methods

PICOS dimension of indirectness ‘Core‘ relationship
  Functional Exchangeability based Prior-based Multivariate
Intervention Lumping: [30, 3243] RE: [34, 3842] SIP: No refs B: [36]
  C: [35, 39, 40, 44] RW: [35] MixP: No refs W: No refs
  L: [30, 3538, 42, 4548] MLM: [32, 33, 35, 44, 46, 49, 50] PP: No refs BW: No refs
  N-L: [35, 5153]    S: No refs
Population Lumping: [14, 33] RE: [34, 54] SIP: [55] B: No refs
  C: No refs RW: No refs MixP: [56] W: No refs
  L: [33] MLM: [55] PP: [55] BW: No refs
  N-L: No refs    S: No refs
Outcomes Lumping: [32] RE: No refs SIP: No refs B: [30, 31, 5760]
  C: [57] RW: [45, 61] MixP: No refs W: [62]
  L: [31] MLM: [30] PP: No refs BW: [26, 6378]
  N-L: [61, 79]    S: [8084]
Designs Lumping: No refs RE: No refs SIP: [8590] B: No refs
  C: No refs RW: No refs MixP: No refs W: No refs
  L: [42, 50, 9099] MLM: [85, 86, 88, 100] PP: [101] BW: No refs
  N-L: No refs    S: No refs
  1. The ‘PICOS dimension of indirectness’ denotes the PICOS part (i.e. Population, Intervention etc.) on which the direct evidence differ from the indirect in terms of the research question they address.
  2. C: Constraint, L: Linear relationship (e.g. meta-regression), N-L: Non-linear, RE: Random-Effect, RW: Random-Walk, MLM: Multi-level model, SIP: Standard Informative Prior, MixP: Mixture prior, PP: Power-prior, B: Only between-studies correlation modelled, W: Only within-study correlation modelled, B&W: Both within-study and between-studies correlations modelled separately, S: Within-study and between-studies correlations modelled simultaneously as one parameter