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Table 4 Checklist of information to include when reporting a Q-methodological study

From: A scoping review of Q-methodology in healthcare research

How items/statements for the Q-set were collected
How the statements were refined and reduced to produce the draft and final Q-set
The number of statements in the final Q-set
What, if any, piloting was done and what the results were
The materials used for the Q-sorting task including the ranking scale and anchors
How the Q-sorting task was administered
What, if any, other methods were used in conjunction with Q-sorting, and how the data captured by these methods was used in relation to Q-data
The techniques used for factor extraction and rotation
The software programs used to administer and/or analyse the data
The information used to decide the number of factors to extract, rotate and interpret
The amount of variance explained by the factor solution
The processes for interpreting the factors
A rich narrative for each factor that explains the shared meaning it represents, supported by Q-set statements, and participant quotes where available