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Table 1 Data elements tracked in original plan

From: Strengthening methods for tracking adaptations and modifications to implementation strategies

Documentation tool Data elements
Clinic Action Plan (CAP) Tracker: Which action plan step and task had been completed by each clinic; noted if targeted screening population had changed
When collected: Form completed by clinics prior to each study clinic check-in call (2x/month)
Date of check-in
Date each CAP step completed
Completion status of each CAP step
Any implementation challenges*
Changes in population targeted for SDH screening
Check-In Tracker: Overview of the content planned and outcomes from each of the check-in meetings with individual clinics
When collected: Completed after each clinic check-in.
Date of check-in
Planned agenda
Led by which team members
Attended by which clinic staff
Attended by which IST staff
Summary of discussion
Next steps / action items
Comments / clarifications
Peer Support Call Tracker: The planned content and outcomes from the peer support meetings with all clinics in a given wedge
When collected: Planned content – prior to each call, at the IST meeting; outcomes – at the IST meeting after the Office Hours
Planned agenda
Led by which team members
Attended by which clinic staff
Summary of discussion
Next steps/ action items*
Materials Tracker: Materials sent to clinics and received from clinics
When collected: Updated on an ongoing basis after materials were sent out to each clinic
Materials sent to clinics
Dates materials were sent
Materials received from each clinic*
Date materials were received*
Other Support Tracker: Any other support provided to clinic outside of what we had already planned
All “additional support” beyond what we had originally planned to provide to clinics, such as requests from clinics or additional support that our interactions with the clinics suggested would be helpful for individual clinics.
When collected: At the IST meeting or during each clinic check-in
Topic Planned / Content
Led by which team members
Attended by which clinic staff
Summary of discussion
Consultations outside of IST
Next steps / action items
Date of support received
Led by which team members
Clinic participants involved
Clinic Update Tracker:* Clinic overview used for discussion during the weekly IST meetings
Note: This replaced the Implementation Timeline and Monthly Reports
When collected: Completed weekly for each clinic by the practice coach and EHR trainer prior to IST meetings and updated during weekly IST meetings
Date of Check-In
Overview of clinic
Clinic step/progress
On track
Clinic goals
Action items
Questions from IST
Next Agenda/Date
Notes for Next Meeting
Implementation Timeline:** Iterative bird’s-eye planning tool to support each of the clinics throughout the intervention
When collected: Sometimes pre-populated by IST members in advance of IST meeting but usually updated at each IST meeting (1x/week)
Type of clinic meeting
Content/Planned Agenda
Led by which team members
Monthly Reports:** Overview of the clinic’s progress through Steps 1–5, and what they requested of the IST
When collected: Summary was created after monthly activities were complete and presented to the IST and sent to all clinics the first week of the following month
Clinic name
Progress made on each step
Requested information from each clinic
  1. Abbreviations: * addition made during the study, ** removed during the study