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Table 2 Data elements tracked to capture modifications to implementation strategies

From: Strengthening methods for tracking adaptations and modifications to implementation strategies

Data element Description
 Modification Briefly describe the modification
 When did modification occur Note when the modification was made (e.g week, month or wedge, cohort)
 Who made decision to modify Note implementation team, practice coach, clinic, or specify other
 Goal of modification Describe anticipated change as a result of the modification
 Nature of modification Select tweaking/refining, shortening, lengthening, reordering, removing/skipping
 Reason for modification Summary of challenges the modification was meant to address, use CFIR categories, and FRAME categories as additions
 Source information for reason Note specific source of information for the reason
 CFIR domain Reason, barrier or determinant coded using CFIR
 ERIC category Strategy coded to broad category using ERIC
 ERIC implementation strategy Strategy coded to specific implementation strategy
 Primary actor Who enacts the strategy? Indicate the position of actor if possible
 Supporting actor(s) Any internal or external person who is helping the primary actor
 Action Provide a detailed description of the action taken by each actor.
 Format Learning session, coaching call, email or other informal contact
 Dose Frequency, duration, time required, scaled over time; start and end dates
 Temporality Does this strategy need to occur in sequence with other strategies
 Justification State reason strategy being used
 Action Target Person or groups whose knowledge, attitudes, or behavior should change, and state change
 Outcome List any outcome reported that would show that the strategy had an effect
 Enacted Was the strategy used