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Table 1 Included English and Japanese keywords search for Google Trends

From: Need of care in interpreting Google Trends-based COVID-19 infodemiological study results: potential risk of false-positivity

English keywords searched in Google Trends
Malaise fatigue tired
Anorexia diarrhea constipation
Abdominal pain stomach ache nausea
Chest pain dyspnea vomiting
Shortness of breath short of breath pneumonia
Cough sputum rhinitis
Runny nose nasal discharge stuffy nose
Sneeze sore throat throat pain
Fever chills cold
Sense of smell loss of smell anosmia
Sense of taste loss of taste dysgeusia
Hair loss loss of hair bald
Myalgia muscle pain body aches
Arthralgia joint pain pain
Eye pain sore congestion
Headache memory loss confusion
Vertigo dizziness dizzy
Insomnia anxiety numbness
  1. Search keywords were arbitrarily defined: 54 English keywords were used for search in 8 English-speaking country regions, and the corresponding 60 Japanese keywords (as listed in Additional file 1) were used for search in the Japanese region