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Table 3 Treatment effect analysis of morbidity and mortality

From: Are morbidity and mortality estimates from randomized controlled trials externally valid? A comparison of outcomes among infants enrolled into an RCT or a cohort study in Botswana

  Coefficient P >|z| 95% CI
Risk of Mortality in the cohort studya 0.02  < 0.001 (0.01, 0.02)
Difference in Mortality caused by RCTb 0.00 0.263 (-0.00, 0.01)
Risk of Morbidity in the cohort studya 0.12  < 0.001 (0.10, 0.13)
Difference in Morbidity caused by RCTb -0.03 0.001 (-0.06, -0.01)
  1. aIndicates potential-outcome mean (POM) had all children been enrolled into the cohort study
  2. bIndicates average treatment effect (ATE) attributable to enrollment into the RCT