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Table 2 Items with face validity index less than 0.78 and the action taken

From: Patient-centered infertility questionnaire for female clients (PCIQ-F): part I: questionnaire development

Items I-FVIa
1.How easy is to find appointments at a fitting time? 0.8 0.7 Delete
3.What is the nearest appointment you usually find? E.g. within a week, >1wk-3wk, >3wk- 5 wk., >  5 wk 0.5 0.8 Rewrite
4.How easy is it to reach the health facility for infertility treatment? 0.6 0.9 Delete
7.To what extent did this health facility show justice in providing services e.g. booking appointment, go into the clinic? 0.6 0.6 Delete
8.How frequent did you need an intermediary to book appointment or access health services for infertility? 0.7 0.8 Rewrite
12.What is the average waiting time you spend before entering the clinic? 0.7 0.8 Rewrite
14.To what extent did you face the problem of overcrowding while receiving health care in this facility? 0.5 0.8 Delete
20.How do you rate the cleanliness in the water closet 0.7 1.0 Delete
21.How do you rate the tidiness in this health facility in general? 0.7 1.0 Rewrite
32.Did your physician or nurse consider your preferences regarding privacy? 0.3 0.9 Delete
34.Did your physician or nurse let you know who are the health staff in the room when you receive fertility care? 0.7 0.9 Delete
36.Was there another patient with you in the same room while you were receiving fertility care? 0.7 0.9 Delete
38.Did your physician or nurse tell others about your infertility issues while you preferred not to? 0.6 1.0 Rewrite
47.How do you rate the staff communication during your treatment journey? 0.8 0.6 Delete
48.Did the healthcare team members respect each other? 0.6 0.6 Delete
49.Did you notice inappropriate behavior from any healthcare team member? 0.6 0.4 Delete
50.Did your physician or nurse tell you something during your treatment journey then you discovered it was not true? 0.6 0.9 Rewrite
51.Have you booked for an operation or procedure to be done by your physician then another one did it for you without your permission? 0.6 0.9 Delete
52.Was your physician honest about the possible outcomes of infertility care? E.g. success rate of ICSI 0.5 1.0 Delete
53.Was the healthcare team willing to tell you about errors or incidents, if happened? 0.5 1.0 Rewrite
54.To what extent can you trust your physician? 0.6 0.9 Rewrite
55.Did you notice materialistic behaviors from your physician or nurse? 0.4 0.8 Delete
56.Did you need to pay extra fees directly to your physician or nurse to receive fertility care? 0.6 1.0 Rewrite
57.To what extent did the medical team practice medicine in love and dedication? 0.6 0.8 Delete
63.Did your physician give you the prescription without examining your body? 0.7 1.0 Rewrite
70.Was your physician keen to prescribe medicines with the least side effects? 0.8 0.7 Delete
74.Have you ever felt that you extract the words from your physician by effort? 0.5 0.8 Delete
95.Did you receive infertility awareness-raising activity invitation or announcement through this health facility? 1 0.5 Delete
  1. aI-FVI Item face validity index