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Tables 4 Results from the Duncan’s test analysis of p-value ranks for 4-level stroke/TIA based on 35 comparator datasets (p < 0.0001)

From: Statistical reanalysis of vascular event outcomes in primary and secondary vascular prevention trials

Test   Mean rank
MWU (4-level) A        4.69
OLR (4-level) A B       6.26
Adj. OLR (4-level) A B C      6.31
Bootstrapping (4-level) A B C      6.43
Win Ratio* A B C      6.69
CA Trend (4-level) A B C      6.71
t-test (4-level)   B C      6.89
Adj. MLR (4-level)   B C      6.91
Median test (4-level)   B C D     8.06
Adj. BLR (Binary)    C D E    8.49
CPH (Binary)     D E    9.06
Adj. CPH (Binary)     D E F   9.34
Chi-square (Binary)      E F   10.37
Chi-square (4-level)       F G 11.14
Chi-square (Binary fatal)        G 12.66
  1. Abbreviations
  2. BLR: binary logistic regression; CA trend: Cochran-Armitage trend test; CPH: Cox proportional hazards model; MLR: multiple linear regression; MWU: Mann-Whitney U test; OLR: ordinal logistic regression
  3. *Combined binary outcomes including (from most to least clinically important): fatal stroke (Yes/No), Non-fatal stroke (Yes/No), and transient ischaemic attack (Yes/No).