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Table 1 Measures estimated from multi-state models that are supported for visualization from the application tool MSMplus

From: Development of a dynamic interactive web tool to enhance understanding of multi-state model analyses: MSMplus

Measure Description Tab inside the app
Transition probability Probability of being in state i at time t, given that someone was in state j at time s, t>s [5] Probabilities
Transition intensity rate The instantaneous risk of transitioning from state j to state i at time t [5] Hazard
Hazard Ratios Hazard ratios between two covariate patterns of experiencing a transition [19] Hazard
Transition intensity rate ratios Ratio between the different transition intensity rates for a certain covariate pattern. The aim is to compare the rates between the different transitions. Hazard
Restricted expected length of stay Total length of stay of an individual in each state over time [20] Length of stay
Probability of ever visiting a state Probability of ever visiting state i by time t Visit
Expected number of visits Expected number of visits in state i [18] Extra
Expected first passage times Expected time for which the proccess will enter state i for the first time [18] Extra
Mean sojourn times/Expected single period of occupancy Mean sojourn time in each transient state i for each covariate pattern of interest [18] Extra
Probability that each state is next Probability that each state j is the state that follows present state i [18] Extra