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Table 1 Implementation of Transitional Care Strategies and Activities in U.S. Hospitals

From: Understanding the groups of care transition strategies used by U.S. hospitals: an application of factor analytic and latent class methods

Transitional Care Strategies Hospitals Implementing (N = 370)
Transition Summary for Patients and Family Caregivers 78.0%
Timely Follow-up 70.5%
Urgent Care Plan 70.5%
Interdisciplinary Approach 69.1%
Transition Team 64.9%
Shared Decisions 61.4%
Referral to Community Services 60.3%
Identify High Risk Patients and Intervene 38.0%
Medication Reconciliation 37.4%
Teach Back 36.1%
Care Coordination 33.7%
Timely Exchange of Critical Patient Information among Providers 22.4%
Patient and Family Caregiver Transitional Care Needs Assessment 14.0%
  1. Note: Sample sizes for individual items range from 362 to 370 due to survey item non-response
  2. We describe TC Strategies as combinations of TC activities as defined in Additional file 2