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Table 5 Quality of studies on measurement properties

From: Satisfaction and experience with colorectal cancer screening: a systematic review of validated patient reported outcome measures

Measurement property CSSQP32 Patient Satisfaction Survey33 Post procedure questionnaire35 SmGHAA-9 m34 Screening Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Assessment Questionnaire36
Content validity Asking patients Relevance D D D D
Comprehensiveness D D D D
Comprehensibility D D D D D
Asking experts Relevance D D D
Comprehensiveness D D D
Internal structure Structural validity A A A
Internal consistency V D V D V
Cross-cultural validity
Other measurement properties Reliability I A
Measurement error A
Criterion validity
Construct validity Convergent validity D V
Known groups validity V
Responsiveness Comparison with gold standard
Comparison with other instruments V
Comparison between subgroups
Comparison before and after intervention
  1. V very good; A adequate; D doubtful; I: inadequate
  2. Cells not colored correspond to measurement properties not assessed in included studies