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Table 3 Categories of errors made in the EFU questionnaire

From: Converting from face-to-face to postal follow-up and its effects on participant retention, response rates and errors: lessons from the EQUAL study in the UK

Category of Error Number of errors Percentage of all errors made (%)
Blank 144 44.7
Duplication: “no” along with a quantifier 74 23.0
Skipped whole page 65 20.2
Corrected error 23 7.1
Duplication: Ticked “no” and “yes” 4 1.2
Duplication: ticked 2+ quantifiers 4 1.2
Uncorrected error 4 1.2
Responded “N/A” regarding sexual health 4 1.2
Total 322 100
  1. Labels regarding “Duplication” are related to the Dialysis Symptom Index, whereby some patients ticked “no” for whether they have a particular symptom but also ticked how much the symptom bothers them (“quantifier”), or answered both “no” and “yes” for whether they experience the symptom, or answered ≥ 2 quantifiers for how much the symptom bothers them