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Table 5 Actual versus planned completion time of the development of RAG

From: Methodology and experiences of rapid advice guideline development for children with COVID-19: responding to the COVID-19 outbreak quickly and efficiently

Task Planned date of completion (day) Actual date of completion (day) Excess time spent (days)
Start to work Jan 28-Jan 28 (One day) Jan 28-Jan 28 (One day) 0
Write protocol Jan 29-Jan 29 (One day) Jan 29-Feb 3 (Six days) 5
Invite panelists Jan 30-Feb 2 (Four days) Jan 29-Feb 3 (Six days) 2
Declare conflicts of interests Jan 30-Feb 2 (Four days) Jan 30-Feb 5 (Four days) 0
Register guideline Feb 1-Feb 1 (One day) Feb 1-Feb 1 (One day) 0
Propose clinical questions Feb 2-Feb 2 (One day) Jan 29-Feb 2 (Five days) 4
Select clinical questions Feb 3-Feb 4 (Two days) Feb 3-Feb 6 (Four days) 2
Identify PICO clinical questions Feb 5-Feb 5 (One day) Feb 7-Feb 15 (Nine days) 8
Retrieve existing systematic reviews Feb 6-Feb 6 (One day) Feb 16-Feb 16 (One day) 0
Conduct rapid reviewa Feb 7-Feb 11 (Five days) Feb 11-Feb 15(Five days) 0
GRADE evidence Feb 12-Feb 12 (One day) Feb 17-Feb 17 (One day) 0
Draft recommendations Feb 13-Feb 13 (One day) Feb 18-Feb 23 (Six days) 5
Conduct the 1st round of Delphi survey Feb 14-Feb 16 (Three days) Feb 24-Feb 27 (Four days) 1
Conduct the 2ed round of Delphi survey Feb 17-Feb 19 (Three days) Feb 28-Mar 1 (Three days) 0
Reach recommendations Feb 20-Feb 21 (Two days) Mar 2-Mar 3 (Two days) 0
Draft full guideline Feb 22-Feb 22 (One day) Mar 4-Mar 6 (Three days) 2
Send to external reviewers Feb 23-Feb 24 (Two days) Mar 6-Mar 15 (Ten days) 8
Revise the guideline Feb 25-Feb 25 (One day) Mar 11-Mar 16 (Six days) 5
Submit to medical journal Feb 26-Feb 26 (One day) Mar 17 (One day) 0
Accepted by journal NA 6-May NA
  1. NA Not Applicable
  2. aProduction of a rapid review in two phases: phases I (Feb 11-Feb 1), just completed the evidence summary sheet; phases II (Feb 16-Apr 14), drafted rapid reviews full-text and submit to journal