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Table 4 Items of the final scale

From: Evaluating the psychometric properties of the German adaptation of the client attachment to therapist scale

 2. My counselor is sensitive to my needs.
 5. My counselor is dependable.
 14. When I show my feelings, my counselor responds in a helpful way.
 29. My counselor is a comforting presence to me when I am upset.
Avoidant fearful
 3. I think my counselor disapproves of me.
 12. I don’t like to share my feelings with my counselor.
 15. I feel humiliated in my counseling sessions.
 18. Sometimes I’m afraid that if I don’t please my counselor, s/he will reject me
 4. I yearn to be “at one” with my counselor.
 7. I wish my counselor could be with me on a daily basis.
 13. I’d like to know more about my counselor as a person.
 25. I wish I could do something for my counselor too.
Example of excluded items
 22. I wish there was a way to spend more time with my counselor.
 16. I think about calling my counselor at home.
 26. My counselor helps me to look closely at the frightening or troubling things that have happened to me.
  1. Item nr. as in the original CATS (Mallickrodt et al., 1995)