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Table 1 Characteristics of the meta-analyses included in this study

From: An approach to exploring patterns of imbalance and potential missingness in reports of the randomized baseline values for primary outcomes measurable at baseline in randomized controlled trials for meta-analyses

Meta-analysis Patients Intervention Comparator Primary outcome Effect measure Follow-up evaluation
# 1 [16] Patients of all ages with periodontal infrabony defects Autologous platelet concentrates Active control Probing depth MD Change in score
# 2 [17] Adults undergoing surgery Dexamethasone Active control (6), placebo (2) Glycemic measurement MD Change in score
# 3 [18] Adults exposed to traumatic events Psychological therapy No treatment, standard of care Post-traumatic stress disorder SMD Final value
# 4 [19] Patients 0–55 years of age with eczema Probiotics Placebo Symptoms of eczema MD Change in score
# 5 [20] Adults (over 18 years) with stroke Electromechanical and robotic-assisted training Active control Activities of daily living SMD Final value
# 6 [21] Adults with functional dyspepsia Prokinetic Placebo Symptom scores SMD Change in score
# 7 [22] Male patients with lower urinary tract symptoms Phosphodiesterase inhibitors Placebo International Prostate Symptom Score MD Change in score
# 8 [23] Adults and children receiving peritoneal dialysis Low glucose degradation product dialysate Standard of care Residual renal function SMD Final value
# 9 [24] Adults (over 18 years) with stroke Mirror therapy Active control Motor function SMD Final value
# 10 [25] Male patients with lower urinary tract symptoms Naftopidil Active control International Prostate Symptom Score MD Final value (3), change in score (5)
# 11 [26] Older adults with dementia Music-based therapeutic interventions Standard of care (7), active control (2) Behavior problems SMD Final value
# 12 [27] Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Amphetamines Placebo ADHD symptom severity: clinician-rated SMD Final value (2), change in score (6)
# 13 [28] Children aged 2–19 undergoing any needle-related medical procedure Distraction Standard of care Self-reported pain SMD Final value
# 14 [29] Adults undergoing any type of surgery Intravenous ketamine Placebo Pain intensity at rest MD Final value
# 15 [30] Surgical procedure under general anesthesia in adults Intravenous lidocaine Placebo, no treatment Pain score at rest SMD Final value
# 16 [31] Adults undergoing intra-abdominal surgery Epidural analgesia Active control Pain score at rest MD Final value
# 17 [32] Adults or adolescents with suspected appendicitis Laparoscopic appendectomy Active control Pain intensity MD Final value
# 18 [33] Adults undergoing dental surgery pre-emptive opioids Active control Early acute postoperative pain MD Final value
  1. MD mean difference, SMD standardized mean difference