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Table 2 Overview of refinements required in the TechChild survey following review by panel of clinical experts

From: Development of a factorial survey for use in an international study examining clinicians’ likelihood to support the decision to initiate invasive long-term ventilation for a child (the TechChild study)



Number of surveys reduced to n = 2

For the diagnoses included, most initiation decisions would likely take place in (1) early childhood or (2) during adolescence.

Number of factors/levels of factors reduced

Some factor levels were amended to enhance their relevance.

Inclusion of more clinically relevant information in the scenario text

To provide more detail on the degree of care required.

Refinement of family circumstances/profile component

Many family circumstances were considered at early stages of survey development. However, it was noted that the meaning of these circumstances was often very context dependent. In addition, often such situations were considered an influence on post-initiation care rather than the decision to initiate.

Distance from tertiary centre changed to time from centre

Measures of distance represents very different meaning depending on the geographical context so travel time was considered a more valid measure.