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Featured article: Using online technologies to improve diversity and inclusion in cognitive interviews with young people

Upadhyay & Lipkovich report on how online technologies can be used to achieve a diverse sample of research participants, contributing to research findings that better respond to young people’s unique identities and situations.

Featured article: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): an evidence map of medical literature

Liu et al assessed COVID-19 publications using evidence gap maps and bibliometric analyses to elicit trends of investigations over time and identify gaps in research within the early phase of the pandemic. Their analyses showed value in informing research prioritisation and policy planning both in the current pandemic and similar global health crises.

Featured article: Missing-data analysis in the context of the ATTICA epidemiological study

The present work by Tsiampalis & Panagiotakos augments prior evidence that higher non-response to health surveys is significantly affected by responders’ background characteristics, while it gives rise to research towards unrevealed paths behind this claim, especially in the era of nutritional epidemiology


  1. Authors: Lehana Thabane, Jinhui Ma, Rong Chu, Ji Cheng, Afisi Ismaila, Lorena P Rios, Reid Robson, Marroon Thabane, Lora Giangregorio and Charles H Goldsmith

    Content type: Commentary

  2. Authors: Sarah Crowe, Kathrin Cresswell, Ann Robertson, Guro Huby, Anthony Avery and Aziz Sheikh

    Content type: Commentary

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Call for Papers: Methodologies for COVID-19 research and data analysis

BMC Medical Research Methodology announces this upcoming collection focusing on methodological approaches to medical research and data analysis related to COVID-19. Find more information and explore recent publications here.

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