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Featured article: Reporting guideline for priority setting of health research (REPRISE)

Tong et al propose the REPRISE guidelines, which can facilitate comprehensive reporting of studies of research priority setting. Improved transparency may strengthen the acceptability and implementation of the priorities identified, generating evidence that is of importance to all stakeholders.

Featured article: True and false positive rates for different criteria of evaluating statistical evidence from clinical trials

van Ravenzwaaij et al suggest that thinking about realistic effect sizes in conjunction with desirable levels of statistical evidence, as well as quantifying statistical evidence with Bayes factors may help improve decision-making for the endorsement of new medications.

Featured article: Definition of a systematic review used in overviews of systematic reviews, meta-epidemiological studies and textbooks

Definitions for systematic reviews are ambiguous. This publication suggests a more specific definition and aims to motivate the research community to establish a clear guideline.


  1. Authors: Lehana Thabane, Jinhui Ma, Rong Chu, Ji Cheng, Afisi Ismaila, Lorena P Rios, Reid Robson, Marroon Thabane, Lora Giangregorio and Charles H Goldsmith

    Content type: Commentary

  2. Authors: Sarah Crowe, Kathrin Cresswell, Ann Robertson, Guro Huby, Anthony Avery and Aziz Sheikh

    Content type: Commentary

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BMC Medical Research Methodology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in methodological approaches to healthcare research. Articles on the methodology of epidemiological research, clinical trials and meta-analysis/systematic review are particularly encouraged, as are empirical studies of the associations between choice of methodology and study outcomes. BMC Medical Research Methodology does not aim to publish articles describing scientific methods or techniques: these should be directed to the BMC journal covering the relevant biomedical subject area.

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